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Book Translations

To earn fame and prestige as an author around the world, writing a book in just one language is no longer enough.  For novelists, journalists, poets and academics alike, there has never been a better opportunity to have their works read by such a wide audience as there is right now. Helped by the growth of the internet, it’s possible to market a publication – just about any publication – anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is to make yourself understood.
ComTranslations provides the expertise that authors need to spread their word across the world. With more than more 3,500 native translators on hand, we’re able to take your books, magazines, newspapers, essays and other writings and translate them into over 140 different languages, helping you to discover potentially thousands of new readers from every corner of the globe.

Translation Process

As one of the world’s fastest-growing and most reputable translation agencies, we understand the importance of translating your work with the utmost accuracy. We pay meticulous attention to the planning and execution of every single book translation project we undertake, placing extra emphasis on the linguistic correctness, and the cultural and literary relevance of the translated version.
Each project begins with a thorough review to ascertain the scope of the work. Following that, we’ll present a plan of action that details the translation process from start to finish, along with detailed information about the team members who’ll be working alongside you.
We appreciate that grammatically correct translations are not nearly enough for your project – translations need to be thorough enough to convey all of the original emotions, tone, flow and meaning of your words to ensure that the reader’s experience is not diminished. 
As such, our team members are more not just translators – they are experienced wordsmiths with a natural flair for writing and a solid understanding of literature and prose.  
A strong and adept team of proofreaders and editors will ensure that the final translated copy is free of any error. We operate a strict quality control procedure to ensure that the translation is accurate in its native format. The entire translation process is transparent and clients can track the progress online.

ComTranslations promotes your book to International Media
Following the completion of your book translation project, you’ll also benefit from our considerable marketing expertise. As part of our services, we’re offering a free press release, written in the same language as your translated book and distributed to hundreds of media organizations in the target market.
In addition, we’ll also promote your book on powerful social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure you can reach out to as wide an audience as possible when your newly translated material is released.  

There is no reason why authors should not have their work enjoyed across the world. We will thoroughly review your book, provide a first page translation and supply you with a fully scoped plan. Once approved by you, we will deliver the translated book ready for international promotion. Our native translators can open up the pages of your book to a new world of readers.
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