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About Us

Professional Translation Services
ComTranslations is one of the fastest growing translation companies in the world, providing high quality, professional translation services to corporate clients and private individuals far and wide. Thanks to our community of more than 4000 certified translators and a stringent translation process which exceeds industry standards, we provide a unique platform that ensures our clients gain access to accurate, human translations around the clock.

Accuracy and precision is the hallmark by which ComTranslations is known. The implementation of our unique Translation Management System ensures the highest degree of consistency in all translation projects we undertake.

ComTranslations is capable of delivering high quality, timely translations in more than 140 languages, while offering unparalleled customer service and the most cost-effective rates in the industry. Using our "best practices" operating model, we are chosen over many other translation companies due to our efficiency and consistent level of accuracy.
Who We Are
ComTranslations was founded by a small group of young, ambitious and extremely talented translation professionals who believed they had perfected a system to do things better than anyone else. The world is getting smaller every day; consequently, the need for accurate, reliable communications is constantly growing. This is the challenge we set ourselves to meet.

A truly international company, with offices in New York, Madrid and Hong Kong, our goal is to facilitate global communications by breaking down language barriers, helping companies and individuals to get their message across clearly and coherently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a comprehensive range of multilingual translation solutions to businesses and individuals in over 140 languages. From simple document translations to complex localization projects, our professionalism, our honesty and our transparency guarantees quality every time.
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