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At ComTranslations we provide professional interpretation services around the globe for all your interpretation needs. We are a highly capable and competent agency, able to carry out proficient interpretation in over 140 languages. We have a global network of professional and certified interpreters providing accurate interpretation services across the world.
We employ various interpretation methods, such as simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and relay or conference interpreting.
In Simultaneous Interpretation (SI), the interpreter will translate the message to the target language as soon as it becomes possible for him or her to formulate it from the source language. The interpreter is able to listen to the source language in a soundproof cabin via headphones and continuously speaks the translated language into a microphone.
Consecutive Interpreting (CI) is a slightly different approach that involves translating into the native language after the source language speaker has completed speaking. The speaker speaks in intervals, providing gaps in between his or her speech, thereby giving an opportunity to the translator to provide Consecutive Interpreting (CI).
Our team of experienced and talented professional interpreters possesses the highest level of acumen when it comes to rapid interpretation, making them the ideal choice for your local needs. Our interpreters have excellent bilingual skills, possessing the ability to interpret the meaning of the original conversation with agility and dexterity.
As a leading provider of translation services on a global scale, our interpretation services are highly values for their professionalism and the excellent rapport we maintain with each of our customers, in all of their business transactions. Therefore, if you wish to communicate your message accurately to someone in his or her language, you can count on us to get your message across. As a multilingual services provider, we will assist you in delivering communications that are not only understood, but also fully comprehended as well.
We offer a range of conference and relay interpretation services, guaranteed to get your message correctly understood. Simultaneous interpreting provides instant translation of your words, whilst consecutive interpreting waits for pauses before giving detailed translation. If you're ready to speak to somebody in a language you know they'll understand, contact us today.
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