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Localization Services

Localization involves taking a product and making in linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (country/region and language) where it will be used and sold. 

In today’s age of globalization, selling your products and services in more than one geographical region is a prudent and wise business decision. However, before you market your products and services in another part of the world, it’s essential that you localize them so that they are suitable for consumers in the specific markets you intend to distribute them to.

ComTranslations provides appropriate localization services to adapt your products and services to any specific locale. We go beyond just translating your text; our process includes adaptation to a variety of parameters such as language, cultural norms, as well as local standards, making them specific to particular markets. ComTranslations is the most appropriate choice of provider for services including:

  • 1. Website localization
  • 2. Software localization
  • 3. Multimedia localization

Beside routine translation, our localization process takes into consideration essential elements such as local conventions, measurement systems, currency differences, and peculiarities in naming and numbering, ensuring that your brand is seen as being professional and trustworthy. The unique benefits of using our professional localization services are outlined as follows:

  • 1. Better ROI through our affordable services
  • 2. Profit by outsourcing your translation and localization project
  • 3. High degree of accuracy and professionalism
  • 4. Compatibility with a range of computer platforms and languages
  • 5. Testing of online help and web content
  • 6. Translation and desktop publishing (DTP) of documentation
  • 7. Functionality testing of localized software and web applications
  • 8. Worldwide professional localization of products and services

With our service you can make your software, multimedia or website appropriate for any target locale. We will localize the text and graphics, screen shots, help files and even the software documentation. In this way, your target market will be the ultimate beneficiary.

Additionally, we will work closely with your developers to determine the most appropriate way forward regarding your software localization process. Our team of professional native translators will use their local knowledge and expertise in each stage of the localization process to ensure the best possible results for your project.
Making your service or product accessible to consumers in local markets is imperative for business success. Done well, the localization of your websites, software and multimedia can open up new revenue streams and increase brand awareness. We offer professional software localization, website localization and multimedia localization.
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