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Professional Sworn Translation Service - Certified translation Service


Legal documents and formal letters require the expertise of a sworn translator when being translated into a foreign language. Sworn translations are essential for all legal documents undergoing translation if they are to be accepted according to local laws. Each translated document is formatted based on the requirements of the country concerned. Examples of legal documents, requiring a certified translation service, include court decisions, certificates, diplomas, licenses or permits, statements, company registration certificates and letters of lawyers or law mandates.
A sworn translation bears the signature and valid stamp of an authorized legal translator. This certification guarantees that it is an official translation, requiring our certified translation service, which cannot be sent by fax or e-mail, as doing so will void the certification. Only hard copies can be sent as the stamp and signature of the sworn translator are required to verify authenticity.
Sworn translations are required for both business and individual purposes. Our professional sworn translation team is highly qualified to undertake any sworn translation project, consisting of professional translators who have obtained formal training, not only about a specific language but also the ins and outs of the country's lingua, so they can provide accurate translations, and an excellent certified translation service.
Some of the benefits of using our professional sworn services are listed below:
  • 1. Professional sworn translation service
  • 2. Sworn translation documents delivered straight to your door
  • 3. Multilingual sworn translation service
  • 4. Project manager
  • 5. Profit by outsourcing your sworn translation documents
Sworn translations must bear the signature and stamp of an authorized legal translator and that's exactly what we'll deliver. Used for the translation of government papers and legal documents our stamp guarantees you have an official translation. We'll deliver an authentic hard copy to your door, which conforms exactly to the requirements of the country concerned.
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