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What is TrRank?
TrRank is an exclusive feature that ComTranslations has developed in order to guarantee quality translations through the Translation Management System Process. This enables project managers to choose the correct translator to match the requirements of a specific project.
The TrRank system:
  • 1. Is an effective system utilized by project managers while choosing the finest translator for translation projects
  • 2. Is characterized by up to 14 and more criteria (quality, timeliness, accuracy and professionalism, among others)
  • 3. Is amended following the survey done by project managers and clients after a job is done
  • 4. Is updated monthly so that the system is effective ensuring quality

Is TrRank a Quality system that ensures Quality Translations?

We have come to learn, through years of experience, that many translator´s profiles do not always correlate with the quality of work and they do not invariably give a true reflection of the expertise and proficiency of the linguist.
The target of developing this tool is to achieve maximum quality translations. To meet the specific requirements of the client, the assignment of the team is guided by our TrRank system and project manager. Both translators and clients alike have benefited from the results of our TrRank selecting system as it equates the ideal translator for the job and delivers excellence.


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